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Department of Mathematics
S U S College,
Sunam—148028 Punjab

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Added new assignments for +1, +2 and Graduate classes.

Future of mathematics

There are many observable trends in mathematics, the most notable being that the subject is growing ever larger, computers are ever more important and powerful, the application of mathematics to bioinformatics is rapidly expanding, and the volume of data to be analyzed being produced by science and industry, facilitated by computers, is explosively expanding.

Popular Q&A

Q: Why is Mathematics Important?

A: Mathematics is important because it is a part of virtually every area of our lives. On the most basic level, you need to know math in order to be able to understand how to count money or tell time. Without math, you couldn't figure out the distance from one place to another or the time it would take to get there. On a grander scale, we would know little to nothing about our world without math. It is used in virtually every field of study including areas such as biology, archaeology, astronomy, chemistry, physics, engineering and so many more!


Q: Why is Mathematics So Important?

A: Mathematics is important because it is the foundation of science, architecture, business, economics, and many other areas that are critical to sustaining standards of living.


Q: Why is estimation important in mathematics?

A: Estimation is the process of making an educated guess or an approximate prediction of the value, number or quantity of the material or objects in question. The estimation process depends on rounding the values up or down in order to facilitate working with the numbers. Approximation can be applied to quantities and measurements, calculations and solving problems.


Q: What is the importance of mathematics in everyday life?

A: Mathematics are important in our daily lives. People use a lot of what they were taught in school without even thinking much about.